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Openings & Descriptions

Renaissance Kids, Inc., is seeking Board Members with passion and experience working in the fields of education, non-profit organizations, and youth outreach. All applicants are expected to have at least three (3) years experience working in Education, Finance, Business, Non-Profit Organization, or related fields.


The Renaissance Kids, Inc., Secretary is responsible for attending all scheduled Board Meetings, as well as keeping and submitting meeting minute notes to the Board for approval. The Secretary keeps all non-financial records for Renaissance Kids, Inc., including Bylaws and Articles of Incorporation. 


The Renaissance Kids, Inc., Treasurer comes from a background of professional Accounting or Business Managerial experience. The Treasurer tracks all Renaissance Kids, Inc., financial responsibilities, including keeping records, writing and signing checks on behalf of the organization, filing and approving purchases, invoices, and annual tax documents. The Treasurer provides a financial report at each Renaissance Kids, Inc., Board Meeting. 


Communications and Marketing Board Members ensure the articulation of Renaissance Kids, Inc.'s desired image and position within the general public, managing and maintaining quality content of all communications, marketing and public relations activities. They are responsible for maintaining viable outreach to the professional community through varying communicative outlets and marketing initiatives, including but not limited to social media, email, and the Renaissance Kids, Inc., website. The Renaissance Kids, Inc., Communications & Marketing Team conducts regular, relevant marketing research to monitor and oversee trends. 



The Renaissance Kids, Inc., Fundraising & Development Team builds connections with current and potential sponsors. They develop bi-monthly fundraisers to help meet the annual financial revenue goals for Renaissance Kids, Inc., as well as determine and track fundraising expectations, progress, and goals. The Fundraising & Development Team provides regular reports at monthly Board Meetings. 


The Renaissance Kids, Inc., Events Coordinator organizes, schedules, and oversees weekly and monthly program activities for Renaissance Kids. The Events Coordinator is a well-organized, detail-oriented individual who manages event operations and provides monthly reports of events' successes at monthly Board Meetings. 


The Student Success Monitor will create, track, and analyze a system for monitoring progress of Renaissance Kids, demonstrated through social, emotional, cultural, and academic gains. These growth measures are articulated at monthly Board Meetings. The Student Success Monitor establishes and distributes End of Year Renaissance Kids Awards of Recognition and creates an incentive program for students maintaining good standing within Renaissance Kids, Inc. 

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